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Living with Chronic Masturbation Addiction

Onania, the Heinous Sin of Self-Pollution

Onania . Org/asm explores masturbation addiction  -- especially in more chronic and compulsive manifestations. Resources include articles, discussions, case histories, masturbation fantasies (including "The PeterFiles" series) and personal accounts of masturbatory practices. In an extensive library of audio recordings, chronic masturbators share personal and very intimate insights while engaged in actual masturbation sessions .

We believe that a habit of chronic masturbation, once firmly established, is generally incurable and that attempts to stop masturbating are largely futile. Our emphasis is not on cessation or prevention but on support for addicted masturbators (and their partners) in coming to terms and living with their condition.

Even in today's liberal sexual environment, chronic masturbation can be a major source of personal conflict and challenge. Shame and embarrassment, fear of humiliation and ridicule prevent the masturbator from openly discussing his behavior with family, friends, or counselors. The addict instinctively knows that only another chronic masturbator can appreciate the extreme, unnaturally intense sexual gratification provided by the auto-erotic act and understand how the constant need to experience it consumes him. In severe cases the habit can take over his life, impairing esteem, career achievement, social ties, and family well being. Onania . Org/asm offers hope and understanding to those struggling in silence to accept and balance their compelling needs.

Although we have represented the masturbator with the male pronoun and believe chronic masturbation addiction to occur more often in males, it is by no means unknown among females. We hope that female masturbators will find much of interest and use here.

Please understand that, the sexually provocative nature of our subject notwithstanding, Onania . Org/asm is not a pornographic site for the prurient enjoyment of the casual visitor. Entry is restricted to adult masturbators, their partners, and others with legitimate need to better understand masturbatory behavior. Please confirm your understanding and agreement by selecting the statement below that applies to you:

I am a totally chronic addicted masturbator

I am currently addicted to masturbation and seek support in understanding my condition and coming to terms with living as a masturbator. I want to acquire new skills to increase my masturbatory enjoyment and learn how to live a masturbator-healthy life style. I acknowledge that masturbation addiction is incurable and that information on this site may intensify my addiction. I am not currently enrolled in any masturbation addiction therapy or cessation program and actively desire to deepen my dependency on self-gratification.

I think I might be addicted to masturbation

I think I masturbate more than normal and want to find out if I am becoming addicted. I want to learn what will happen to me if I allow my habit to grow stronger. I understand that reading material on this site about masturbation may may excite me to masturbate even more and lead to permanent and irreversible masturbation addiction. I acknowledge that I am personally responsible for my behavior and for the consequences of indulging in masturbation.

I masturbate way too much and want to control or stop masturbating

I am worried that I masturbate too much and that I am losing control to this habit. It seems I masturbate more and more and it's still not enough. Sometimes it feels like the habit is taking over my life. I have tried to cut back, but I can't stop and don't really want to stop. I need to learn how other masturbators balance masturbation with other life responsibilities.

I am a recreational masturbator

I am not really addicted to masturbation, but I masturbate a lot and it's becoming more important to me. I would like information on how to make the act more enjoyable. I acknowledge the risk that I may be in denial, and that I am already on the slippery slope to total masturbation addiction.

I am the partner of a chronic masturbator

I am not a masturbator myself, but my partner is addicted and I am seeking understanding and support for our relationship. I want to learn ways to meet the sexual needs of both my partner and myself, even though we seldom if ever engage in normal sexual intercourse. Also I want to find out if my partner's bizarre fantasies and perverted sexual interests are widely shared by other chronic masturbators, or is he just some kind of special weirdo?

I am an accredited medical or scientific professional

I am a professional engaged in treatment of or research into masturbation addiction and wish to gather data on the candid behaviors of chronic  masturbators in private and with their fellows. Though I may professionally advocate masturbation cessation, I agree that in any interactions with masturbators through this site I will respect their personal choices  to continue or deepen their addictions.

I believe masturbation is immoral, shameful, and harmful

I think masturbation is disgusting, and I would never masturbate or permit anyone in my family to do it.  I want to learn about degenerate perverts who constantly abuse themselves and what I can do to prevent others from destroying their lives with this vile practice. I understand that this site is intended to help hopeless pathetic miscreants come to terms with masturbation addiction, but I want to learn if there are any ways I can save my loved ones from suffering similar fates.

Duh, what's masturbation?

I am totally clueless and lost the instruction manual for my private parts.

Warning to Sexually Excitable Readers

This site contains sexually explicit material concerning chronic masturbation. Proceeding beyond this point constitutes your acknowledgement that you are an adult interested in receiving such material, that it is not illegal for you to receive it, and that you are not currently suffering from satire impairment.  All content is offered solely for scientific, literary, artistic, and socially beneficial uses. Unauthorized use for purposes of prurient sexual gratification is strictly prohibited.

Some masturbators may become sexually aroused while reading this material and experience an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. Prior to opening this site, make sure you are alone in a secure, private, comfortable location and that you are wearing loose, non-abrasive clothing. Maintain adequate supplies of personal lubricants and clean, absorbent towels at all times. Do not access this site while operating a motor vehicle. Frequent or repeated access to the contents of this site may lead to increased masturbatory urges and lowered impulse control. If you begin experiencing any unexpected side effects including prolonged penile or clitoral erections; tumescence, turgidity or spontaneous emissions of the genitals; uncontrollable ejaculations; multiple orgasms; severe loss of semen or spermatorhea; involuntary climax; or loss of concentration during sexual intercourse with a partner, then discontinue use immediately and see your doctor at once.

Important: read Warning to Satire-Impaired Readers prior to accessing this site